The Internet Age is one that works at lightning fast speeds, demanding every company that wants to be a player to keep up at all times. Comprehensive and reliable IT support is absolutely necessary to compete. Webtree IT provides that support to a long list of satisfied clients.

Support is everything in a world where computers and networks are involved in nearly everything we do. Your company cannot afford to encounter even a minor problem that cannot be solved for lack of support. Webtree IT is your UK-based support provider available whenever you have need. From answering basic questions to troubleshooting a complete software meltdown, our goal is to get you up and running, with the right solution, in the shortest possible time.

We offer support:

  • By Telephone – Webtree IT support customers know they can call us anytime with their questions or problems. We make it a point to always be available during those critical times of the business day when problems are most likely to occur. Our support team is standing by with answers to your questions and solutions to your problems.

  • By E-mail – For the less serious problems that do not require immediate intervention, Webtree IT provides support via e-mail. Just send us a quick message outlining your question or problem; our support team will review your e-mail and provide a timely response.

  • Remote Operation – With the installation of a single, small-footprint app, Webtree can remotely access and operate your computer systems for the purposes of troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance. Remote support is the ideal solution for solving problems without having to spend your time on the phone with us. Allow Webtree to connect, and let us do the rest.

  • On-site – There are times when on-site support is the best way to go. In such cases, we send a support specialist to your location in a timely manner. That specialist will do whatever is necessary to solve the problem as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Strong IT support is a critical component for your business. Whether your IT department just needs a little help, or you want to contract with Webtree to handle all of your support issues, we have a support solution that will work for you.

Additional Support Services

It is normal to view IT support through the narrow lens of basic troubleshooting and problem solving. However, a comprehensive support solution goes well beyond just ‘putting out fires’ and answering questions about why software is not working. A comprehensive solution aims to prevent as many problems as possible through a number of additional services. Webtree offers such services, including:

  • Scheduled maintenance visits

  • Scheduled performance reviews

  • Routine network audits

  • Managed IT services

By offering these additional support services, we are able to ensure maximum uptime and productivity for all clients. We like to think of it as being the one-stop solution for both preventative maintenance and necessary repairs. Embracing this comprehensive approach to support makes a real difference for Webtree clients.

Webtree IT Remote Support Tool