Data transformation services are key to any major systems project. Managing change and ensuring that your data is preserved is vital when undergoing any form of systems transformation within your organisation. Whether that through software upgrade, software migration, acquisition, divestment, or any other cause.

We provide data analysis, transformation, quality checking and scripting support to businesses of all sizes needing data services.

We can help if you need to:

  • Migrate your data to a new system

  • Move your in house systems to the cloud

  • Undertake a data health check to ensure data integrity

  • Looking to merge system from an acquisition

  • Split out data for a divestment

  • Perform a GDPR review of your data

With a proven track record of data transformation solutions supporting internal system upgrades, legacy system replacements, acquisitions, divestments, and in house data integrity and verification projects we have the skills needed to help ensure the success of your next project.

We can work with system developers, solution architects, data architects, external or internal providers to find the right solution for you. Our methods of working ensure that you will have a tested, proven, transformation process documented, verified and trialled before your big day to ensure that you will be back up and running first time, every time.