Open for business (COVID Secure)

To make sure that we protect our staff and are able to serve our customers as best as we can we've made sure that our business is COVID Secure. We have implemented home working for all staff and reduced all unnecessary face to face operations. Meetings are now via Microsoft Teams, (other tools are available if required), and we can offer remote support, monitoring and management of your ...

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Email, Security and GDPR

So everyone is emailing you for your renewed consent to comply with the GDPR regulations coming into force on the 25th May. Like everyone else we've contacted our newsletter subscribers and clients to obtain their informed consent to continue emailing our (ir)regular updates. However there is a lot more to GDPR than email marketing consent, for a start Personally Identifiable Information, ...

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Should I upgrade to Windows 10 image

Better the Devil you know? If it ain’t broken don’t fix it? Continuous improvement? Something else?

Which thought process do you subscribe to when budgeting and planning for your IT infrastructure, servers, endpoints and projects?  Do you replace it when it dies, or do you rotate equipment and replace it on a fixed schedule? How about your applications, do you have a frequency of upgrading major components? Do you manage to stay up to date with releases or do you struggle to schedule the ...

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