Disaster Management

The last thing anyone wants is a server to fail, a pc to die, a virus attack or simple accidental deletion of that vital tender document hours before the deadline. All these things happen, but everyone assumes it won’t happen to them.

Backups are the least often considered part of the IT infrastructure. Generally an afterthought or oft completed task at the bottom of a busy task list. However it doesn’t need to be that way. Webtree Cloud backup services use state of the art backup software and redundant secured online storage to provide a peace of mind that no matter what is thrown at you there will be a copy of your data available.

We have helped customers recover from power spikes, failed hard drives, accidental deletions and other disasters with our reliable always available backup service. No need to change tapes or remember to plug in that external hard drive. The last 30 days copies are always online so you can go back to previous versions of documents to undo that ill advised deletion or recover a corrupt file.

With simple per GB pricing, high grade encryption and automated updating moving your backups is a blessing for those still fighting with tapes, disks, CD or worse no backups at all. Available for servers or PC’s this caters for all users.

Could your business survive a fire, a flood, lightening strike, theft of your servers / PCs? If now isn’t the time to move to cloud backups it is certainly a good time to review your disaster recovery plan, your business continuity plan and your IT critical incident procedure…