Fax to Email

Fax feels like an old technology however many offices still regularly use faxes in every day business. However fax machines have changed little in the last 10 years, they sit there taking up space eating ink and paper for when needed. Increasingly people are looking to make space in crowded offices and reduce operating costs by removing fax machine and fax phone lines.

Webtree run a fax to email service where you can have a dedicated fax number which delivers your faxes electronically to one or more email addresses of your choice. Prices start from £7/month with discounts for multiple numbers or annual payment. Fax numbers are available in most area codes and include the 03 range required for the new Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 which state that 0845/0844/0870 numbers cannot be used for Customer support phone services.

Additionally if you need to send faxes you can use the outbound email to fax service which accepts Word, Excel, JPG and PDF files automatically converting and faxing, price depends on volumes sent.

Fax to Email allows faster responses, less paper waste, the ability to forward, store, archive and respond to faxes in the same way as emails allowing a consistent and seamless customer experience.